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Backup (English backup copy.) - The process of creating a copy of the data on the media (hard disk, floppy disk, etc...), Designed to restore the data in the original or a new place of their location in the event of damage or destruction.

We offer a service to backup media (backup), to ensure high reliability of data storage by copying the data in the agreed amount and at specified intervals. The organization of a remote or local backup.

The cost of this service depends on many factors, ranging from the type of backup (locally or remotely) to the size of kopirovaemh data. For pricing in your case, please contact us via e-mail or ticket system.

Frequently asked questions

Remote backup service - a service that provides users with a system for backing up and storing computer files.

Remote backup system is usually built into the client program, which is performed usually once per day. This program collects, compresses, encrypts and transmits the data to the server backup service provider.

Local backup - a type of backup, which stores backups on the hardware on which it runs. This type of backup has a surprising number of disadvantages.

Each type of backup is performed in different ways, it can be as preloaded software (paid / free) and samopisnye scripts written under the particular customer's equipment.