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The cost of licenses on products ISPSystem

DNSmanager Not limited 146 USD Order now
ISPmanager 5 (Not limited) Not limited 130 USD Order now
ISPmanager 5 (year) Rental on  1  year 93 USD Order now
ISPmanager 5 (month) Rental on  1  month 10 USD Order now
ISPmanager 5 Business (Not limited) Not limited 363 USD Order now
ISPmanager 5 Business (year) Rental on  1  year 181 USD Order now
ISPmanager 5 Business (month) Rental on  1  month 19 USD Order now
ISPmanager lite 4 (Not limited) Not limited 34 USD Order now
ISPmanager Pro 4 (Not limited) Not limited 57 USD Order now
ISPmanager Pro 4 (month) Rental on  1  month 11 USD Order now

Frequently asked questions

ISPmanager is a multifunction control panel, which allows the web interface to manage services, directories and server processes. You have access to all the most frequently used operations management serverom- creation of site users (customers), domain names, mailboxes, databases, installation of PHP components, SSL certificates, organization of regular backup of data to a remote server or a directory on the server.

ISPmanager control panel allows you to create multi-level access system with the distribution rights. ISPmanager is ideal for personal use - you can arrange for themselves a professional hosting with the settings that are convenient. Also, the ISPmanager frequently used web hosting companies offering shared hosting services.

ISPmanager Lite is positioned as the management server software designed to accommodate the company's sites (corporate hosting). For enterprise hosting often does not require the option of limiting disk space, creating value-added resellers, organizing ticket systems. ISPmanager Lite is suitable for installation on virtual and dedicated servers.

ISPmanager Pro is designed for companies that provide shared hosting services. Functionally, ISPmanager Pro has a number of differences compared to the Lite-version: Tools for working with resellers, a trouble ticket and notification system, the ability to create a variety of tariff plans with different access restrictions, system resources, and more.